‘Poson Poya brought about cultural renaissance’


President Gotabaya Rajapaksa said Poson Poya Day is of highest significance to Sri Lankan Buddhists, as it marks the historic arrival of Arahath Mahinda Thera to our Motherland with the Buddha’s message, paving the way for a new meaningful identity as well as a cultural renaissance.

In his Poson Poya Day massage, he said the culture which existed then was nurtured and made more meaningful with religious values with the introduction of Buddha Dhamma by Arahath Mahinda Thera.

The full message is reproduced below:

“The Dhamma introduced by Arahath Mahinda Thera also revealed a path for the betterment of the Nation. It is also aimed at the spiritual aspect of whole person development. History has shown that Sri Lanka was rich in glory, as we were bestowed with the noble philosophy of life.

The unity, support, and commitment of all are essential for the success of a people-centric goal. In the past, our ancestors overcame the challenges as a result of working collectively with common consensus.

Anubhudu Mahinda Thera has taught us that discernment, intelligence, flexibility, and religiousness, creative thinking, and belief in nature lead to the common good of society. Buddhism teaches the essence of understanding accomplished through knowledgeable perception. The mind should not be deceived by five senses and the truth can only be seen through practicing Dhamma.

On this Poson Poya day, let us resolve to work for the goal of ultimate enlightenment and happiness in this lifetime. May everyone be blessed with compassionate thoughts on this sanctified day of Poson Poya!”