Pathfinder Foundation introduces AI Platform for research, analysis


Pathfinder has come up with several reports to provide insights and recommendations for the Government on economic reforms that have been fed into the organisation’s ground-breaking Artificial Intelligence (AI) platform –’Pathfinder Partner Insights’.The Foundation’s most recent initiative is an innovative venture, where its reports and other output documents produced over the years are hosted and displayed via an artificial intelligence platform.

‘Pathfinder Partner Insights’ will host a curated collection of documents, reports etc., that interested users can access through the Pathfinder Foundation’s website

The AI platform will assist professionals who, as part of their busy schedules, must read numerous reports and official documents, which takes up a considerable portion of their time. ‘Pathfinder Partner Insights’ enables professionals to make productive use of their time by easily filtering through key topics and areas of interest in reports, conference discussions and background papers.

Sri Lanka, at present, is experiencing its worst economic crisis in history. Since 2020, the Pathfinder Foundation, a not-for-profit organisation on research and advocacy, has substantially contributed to the discourse on financial sustainability and macroeconomic stability in Sri Lanka by proposing changes and advocating reforms in all major sectors of the economy.