Covid-like infection spreading, experts warn


Another viral infection with Covid-19 like symptoms is spreading owing to prevailing weather conditions, Consultant Paediatrician, Dr. Deepal Perera warned.

Dr. Perera when contacted yesterday (13) said that he had treated children and adults with symptoms of fever, runny nose, nasal block and cough. “It is a respiratory infection that can spread if precautionary measures are not taken. I have seen several children with it while there are reports of about 15 more cases being treated in the private sector at present,” he said.  Dr. Perera said with the high possibility of spread, parents and children should follow precautionary measures.

Patients should wear facemasks. Those who don’t have the infection should wear a facemask inside enclosed spaces where the risk of spread is high.  “Also, if your child shows symptoms of this viral infection, then don’t send him or her to school, the day care centres or any other crowded area. Keep them at home to prevent a spread in the community,” the Consultant Paediatrician appealed.  Dr. Perera urged the public to practice hand hygiene and social distancing.

By Dilanthi Jayamanne