BoardPAC explores Indian partnerships


BoardPAC, the Sri Lanka-founded global leader in virtual board meeting automation, was recently accorded an opportunity to explore opportunities and partnerships with business professionals, leaders and policymakers across India, with specific emphasis on ‘Best Board Practices and Processes.’

Participating in the Regional Conclave of Directors held in Mumbai as part of a sponsored partnership with the Institute of Directors (IOD) of India, the BoardPAC team demonstrated thought leadership during the discussions on digitising and transforming how board meetings are conducted to ensure efficiency and increase productivity while maintaining utmost security and confidentiality.

“The focal point for Team BoardPAC was to establish the solution as the pathway to digitising traditional practices at a board meeting without compromising on governance and code of conduct,” Lakmini Wijesundera, Founder and CEO of BoardPAC said. “The team further emphasised that automation of board meetings is one of the key drivers to improve processes and mitigate any risks involved with security and confidentiality. The efficiency achieved using an automated solution translates into better performing board committees.”

Stressing that the Directors’ Conclave by IOD was one the most apt platforms for BoardPAC to present some strong arguments for digitally transforming board meetings, Wijesundera said: “While our board meeting automation solution eliminates the pain points of paper-based meetings for many board members, it is also a strong initiation on the sustainability front. With the increasing challenges posed to the environment by deforestation, eradicating the use of paper during meetings also contributes towards this bigger cause. BoardPAC is therefore not just a product, but a solution with a purpose – a better world.”

The event brought together a large number of stakeholders from multiple industries to engage in candid discussions on the key boardroom pain points. Panel discussions and fireside chats took place on key headlines including Ushering Digitalisation into Board Rooms, Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG), Business Responsibility and Sustainability Reporting (BRSR) Process Improvements, Transforming Risk to Opportunities and Enhancing Board Committee Performances.

The event was inaugurated by Vikesh Wallia, Zonal Director (Western Region) of IOD. A highlight of the day was the keynote address by O.P. Bhatt, Independent Director, HUL, Tata Steel Ltd. and TCS on Best Board Practices and Processes. Nayan Mehta, CFO, BSE Ltd and Shankar Garigiparthy, CEO and Country Manager, Lloyd’s India added value to the sessions by sharing their experience and perspectives.