Stock of liquor found in Kekirawa Sathosa outlet


During a search operation conducted by the Kekirawa Police on 11 June, a stock of liquor was found in the Kekirawa Sathosa outlet. The stock that been illegally stored for sale during Poson.

On information received, the Kekirawa Police conducted the operation. Taverns in the Anuradhapura District will be closed during the Poson Poya period and it has been revealed that an employee at the Sathosa outlet had hidden the stock of liquor, in a separate room, to sell it at a higher price during that time.

According to investigations, liquor had earlier been removed from the same establishment’s liquor store. Police found 93 bottles of liquor worth nearly Rs 250,000 hidden in the store. A 31-year-old Sathosa employee was arrested for hiding the liquor.

The operation was conducted on the orders of Kekirawa OIC Chief Inspector Nayana Prasanna Welikala, OIC of the Crimes Division Inspector K. M. G. Kulatunga and Police Sergeants Surasena, Herath, Navaratne and a team of officers.

On the orders of senior officials, including the Anuradhapura Senior DIG, the Kekirawa Police is conducting an investigation into the incident. The suspect and the sized liquor were to be produced before the Kekirawa District Magistrate.

BY Prasanga Ekanayake – Madatugama