MCPA slams Govt over failure to consult local experts


The Medical and Civil Rights Professional Association of Doctors (MCPA) accused the Government of not making use of experts in various professions. 

MCPA President, Dr. Chamal Sanjeewa, when contacted yesterday (12), said, the Government was more concerned from where it was going to get its next loan. “Complaints of experts in Medicine, Engineering, Business Managers and those with Information Technology knowledge have continuously urged the Government to make use of their expertise to take the country forward,” he said. 

Dr. Sanjeewa said leaders had no plans on how to develop external and human resources through inter-exchange to formulate a long-term programme to save the country from debt.         

“Generation after generation our children have had to refer to Sri Lanka as a developing third world country,” he lamented, noting that if remedial measures were not taken at least now, the next generation would have to refer to the island as one which is still developing.  Business magnate Elon Musk says the world has advanced as a result of three things- namely transportation, sustainable energy and connectivity – information technology.   

But, Sri Lanka has fallen back and has reached a point where the country cannot function anymore. It has become a failure so that holidays have to be given in the middle of the week due to the inability to function. Fuel and gas queues have contributed to the failed economy of the country, he lamented.

 Citing an example, the MCPA President said, research had been done for the Health Ministry on how to develop a database without spending a cent. Real- time data should be at the Health Ministry’s fingertips on non-communicable diseases, malnutrition, famine due to the crisis in the agricultural sector, Covid data and future epidemics. “It is unfortunate that we have to make decisions on future data based on data that was gathered over one or two years ago,” he observed, that the world has changed and times have changed and the world moves forward making use of information technology and data.

 But unfortunately, in Sri Lanka, there is no way of updating procedure that takes place so that decisions and programmes could be formulated based on them.

He urged government authorities to provide a platform for professionals to formulate practical programmes. “We have ample opportunity to work in foreign countries on invitation but what we really want is the opportunity to contribute at least a little towards  pushing this country towards development,” Dr. Sanjeewa added.

BY Dilanthi Jayamanne