Ferdinando must resign – CEB TU


Convener of the CEB United Trade Union Alliance, Ranjan Jayalal demanded that CEB Chairman M.M.C. Ferdinando resign immediately over his making ridiculous statements to COPE.

He said the claim made by Ferdinando to COPE that Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi had pressured the President to hand over the 500MW wind power plant project to the Adani Group was due to stress, was ridiculous.

Jayalal said the Chairman should resign because, “What I said at the COPE meeting was true.”

He claimed that not only the President and Prime Minister of India, but also the President, Ministers, and MPs of this country, had fallen into Adani’s clutches.

“Why is it given to Adani if the country does not have the money or investors to start solar and wind power projects and even if it wants to start with a foreign company?” he queried.

“The recent statement I made at the COPE meeting is true and cannot be dismissed as a lie or mis-statement,” he said.

BY Anuradha Herath