Farmers lament middlemen profit at their expense


Medawachchiya farmers lament that vegetable sellers bought vegetables from them for a pittance and sold them at exorbitant prices where the consumer could not afford to buy rendering both the farmer and the consumer powerless.

The farmers said, they had fallen from the frying pan to the fire in the face of the current economic crisis. While agricultural implements and crops provided by Samurdhi have been of great help, obtaining results has become difficult.

On the instructions of the Divisional Secretary of Medawachchiya, M. C. Malawaarachchi, Samurdhi Headquarters launched the ‘Haritha Deyak’ National Agro Horticulture Development Programme on 29 March in the Medawachchiya Divisional Secretariat area.

The programme involves over 2,000 families from 37 divisions. Samurdhi Headquarters was assessing the outcome. The problems that farmers face were also discussed.

Chaminda Kumara, a farmer said, they make a living from farming, but it was becoming increasingly difficult to do so.

“Kerosene and diesel are not available to be used in water motors. Vehicles are devoid of fuel. In addition, we transported 400 kilogrammes of Watakolu to Dambulla. The Dambulla Economic Centre purchased the stock at Rs 170-180 per kilogramme. When we queried from vendors the price of Watakolu, they said a kilo sold at Rs 450- 500. However, the farmer does not reap such profit. This is also an injustice to the consumer. In this regard, the Government should take action,” he said.

BY Gayan – Medawachchiya