Devananda in talks with IOC officials


Fisheries Minister Douglas Devananda held discussions with IOC officials to get fuel for fishermen. He said they have been badly impacted by the prevailing fuel crisis in the country.

Devananda summoned the IOC officials to the Fisheries Ministry in Maligawatta and explained the gravity of the situation and urged them to extend a helping hand to resolve the fuel issue of fishermen who contribute to bringing in foreign exchange to the country.

He also brought to the attention of IOC officials that due to the shortage of fuel, a large number of fishermen who have been engaging in deep sea fishing have lost their source of income while the country was losing a significant amount of foreign income received from fish exports.

Minister Devananda pointed out that he held discussions with fish exporters to get USD to purchase fuel to be distributed among deep sea fishermen and to protect the industry from collapsing.

Fisheries Ministry Secretary, Indu Ratnayake and Director General of the Fisheries Department Susantha Kahawatte were also present at the meeting with IOC officials.

By Naalir Jamaldeen