Trios entry to the mystical world


“Once there was a village called the ‘DRAGONAZE’. The ancient of these villagers say that this is a village where dragons were present. Ancient people used them as their family members or a friend…” said Mr. Karo closing his ‘Ancient History’ book as Ugure laughed at him and replied “There is nothing as such a baby story…. This fellow raw head has eaten worms today…who else believes in these DRAGONS AND RAW HEADS?” laughed and he and his mad gang went away shouting and laughing in the street.

Ugure is a disgusting person. He doesn’t know how to respect the elders. The other two of his gang are Bony and Ferry. They both are mad-off of their boss.

But no one believed except three children. They were Titus, Rayan, and Islip. Titus is 15 while his brother and sister were 10. They both were twins. Titus’s family is a poor family and his father; Mr.Taki was lost while he was out on a long journey with his friends. Others say that his father was dead nearby the river. But Titan thinks his father is alive.

“Don’t think those rascals…they are always the same…Maybe they have eaten raw worms…” said Titus as all laughed. “But what happened to the dragons now?” “Yah! Did they extinct?” “Please tell us more about what happened next…please…!” As all we begged him finally he said “OK! But under one condition… no one should know about these…or they might…” before he finished them, the three ran out of the master’s house. “THANKS, MASTER! SEE YOU AT NIGHT 7’O CLOCK…!” Cheered the children in joy and happiness. “At last I think the TRI forces have arrived to rebuild the nation again…” muttered Master to himself looking at the pictures of the dragons.

Mr.Karo is an 80 years old man. He has a white long beard and is tall too and has a round face. His two beautiful eyes are like emerald. Most of the villagers call him ‘EMERO’ because of his beautiful eyes. He used to say the kids’ ancient stories. No one knows where he came from. 

Night falls in the village. As it’s so beautiful to stay outside because of the soft cold breeze.

“Hello, master! I brought you some baked cakes with plums everywhere… See!” said Isi (I-C) showing the basket to master as he took it and kept it on the table. “Thank you girl!”said Master, Mr. Karo in a shaky voice.

 “Follow me… Be careful that to not touch anything… I said not to touch…right?” questioned master while Rayan was touching a statue of a white flaming dragon.  “Stay back!” he demanded. And he went near a Huge Dragon wall picture and was saying.


“Is it magical words to get in or out” questioned Isi as the wall began to shake as Isi ran near his brother. And BOOM!

By Ismail Ibrahim