Singapore Airlines Cargo service pulls out


Singapore Airlines’ (SIA) Cargo stopped accepting new bookings to Sri Lanka with effect from 6 June, due to shortage of aviation fuel at the airports, the airlines cargo section announced. Like all the other flights to Sri Lanka, SIA has been unable to make round trips due to fuel and payload restriction in US dollars, delaying its operations.

SIA’s special notice obtained by Ceylon Today noted, “Due to short of supply of aviation fuel, in Colombo, the SIA Cargo will stop accepting new bookings to Colombo with effective from 6 June until further notice. Apologies for inconvenience caused”.

SIA said that under the current status, Singapore Airlines flights to Colombo must carry out round-trips but aviation fuel and payload restriction causes current bookings to Colombo 30 to 60 days delays. Singapore Airlines, earlier sent a notice, stating that SIA will only be able to accept settlement of freight invoices in USD, effective from 1 May 2022 to the uplift date.   

By Sulochana Ramiah Mohan