Oneli Vithanavasam U-14 Girls’ champ


Oneli Vithanavasam (Lyceum Wattala) won the Sri Lanka National Youth Chess Championships 2022 – Under-14 Girls’ category scoring 6 points out of 7 games. Two other players, Esandi Nevansa of Dharmasoka College and Yasasi Geemini Abeysekara of Sujatha Vidyalaya Matara, also scored 6 points, but Oneli won the Championship and the Gold medal on better tie breaking points. Esandi won the Silver Medal and Yasasi the Bronze according to their tie breakers. The championship was held from 20 April to 5 June.

Oneli won 5 games and drew two – against Nemindi Linaya Ramanayake and M. Esandi Newansa to reach 6 points.

Esandi Newansa won 5 games and drew two – against Piyumi Uthpala Amarathunge and the Champion Oneli to reach 6 points.

Yasasi Abeysekara won 5 games and drew two – against D. G. Jayandi Bimansa and Narthavi S. to reach 6 points.

Earlier, qualifying events were held in 19 Districts and around 5,000 players participated.

The top three players will get an opportunity to play at International Youth Chess events. (IR)