HNB expands its ‘Walk the Talk’ initiative to World Bicycle Day


HNB PLC expanded its ‘Walk the Talk’ initiative to promote a more eco-friendly, healthy and economical mode of transportation among its employees on World Bicycle Day in a bid to encourage simple interventions with major potential to reduce the carbon footprints of the bank and its employees. 

HNB employees across the island cycled to their workplace on World Bicycle Day, promoting the alternative mode of transportation. Given the fuel crisis experienced by Sri Lankans today, the bank took extra measures to offer bicycles at discounted rates for employees who wished to switch to one of the world’s oldest modes of transportation. HNB also organised changing facilities for its cyclists at HNB Towers and offered each employee a glass of ‘Kola Kenda’ upon their arrival.  

In that regard, HNB is also working to further promote cycling by partnering with health and wellness experts to raise awareness and educate employees on the remarkable health benefits of cycling. As a first step, HNB will also establish special bicycle parking bays at its Head Office for employees and customers who travel by bicycle.