Hanthana Eco Lodge


Nestled in the mesmerising views and lush greenery of the majestic Hanthana mountain range, towering over the Hill Capital Kandy, the Hanthana Eco Lodge is the perfect holiday getaway for all nature lovers. With an elevation of over 2500 feet above sea level and just 8 kilometres from the Kandy city, you are transcended into a mystic land of beauty and tranquillity.

Hanthana Eco Lodge is the perfect blend of nature and luxury, where the sumptuous and relaxed homestead, complete with three cushy villas, immediately eases you into a sense of serenity which is only intensified by the jaw-dropping views which stretch out over the rolling peaks of the surrounding majestic mountain ranges of Hanthana and beyond. The secluded and peaceful magic of the lodge allows you to immerse yourself in the best of eco-adventure in  the amazing hill country mountains.

Tucked away amongst thick forest reserves, the property neighbours a beautiful mini-waterfall, and is set at a perfect angle to provide a panoramic view of the picturesque landscape. You step into a private space that is exactly what eco-focused luxury and comfort should be – inviting, personal, and a unique and wholesome experience.

Each villa is spacious and luxurious with the comforts of air conditioning, hot water, a mini bar, TV, and a private balcony to relax and indulge in the ever-changing climate and the surrounding landscape.

The indulgent mountain-side retreat is a fully hosted lodge complete with a skilled team of highly driven staff that strive to ensure your stay is seamless and memorable. From the moment of your arrival, you are welcomed and treated with the utmost care, precision, and warmth that extends beyond a smile. The on-site hosts, led by the Hotel Manager and the versatile Chef with over 20 plus years of service in star class hotels, deliver unparalleled and exceptional service at this secluded sanctuary.

Hanthana Eco Lodge prides itself on delivering a unique culinary experience acclaimed and praised by our valued guests, with authentic
Sri Lankan and global cuisine that is organic, locally sourced and prepared by its extraordinarily talented in-house Chef.

Hanthana Eco Lodge is the perfect holiday hub to explore nature, culture and the beauty of Kandy, as well as the surrounding attractions, with convenient access to the city while being secluded from the bustling towns. From exploring the Hanthana Mountain Range, visiting the Tea Museum which is closely located, taking a stroll in the lush forests, or driving to the hills in the 1972 International Scout, you are blended with nature and the majesty of the mountains to experience a true adventure.

Hanthana Eco Lodge is a unique initiative by Harsha Samaranayake, a Marketing Professional whose passion for exploration, travel and nature encouraged him to venture into this idea.

“I have always been intrigued by nature and the diversity of our Island, my relentless quest to travel to such unique destinations in all corners of
Sri Lanka amplified with my dream of being close to nature and to share my experiences with my family, friends and other nature and adventure lovers, both local and foreign. With that intention, I conceptualised the idea of a destination where we can connect with nature, explore the beauty of Hanthana and make memories that last for a lifetime. Hanthana Eco Lodge was created with luxurious amenities, comforts and exclusive activities for anyone and everyone to enjoy and immerse in a unique nature experience,” Samaranayake stated.

 Hanthana Eco Lodge is a true haven that connects nature and luxury seamlessly, an experience for a lifetime to share with your loved ones, family and friends. Guests can check the exclusive offers available this season by calling 0777750911 / 0776550911 / 0777550911 or visitingwww.facebook.com/HanthanaEcoLodge/ orwww.hanthanaecolodge.com/