Fresh water fish in demand


The Ampara District has seen an increase in demand for fresh water fish as a result of the fuel crisis and food deficit. Prices for fish from ponds and rivers have also risen, according to locals in the Eastern province.  According to traders, the price of river fish has gone up due to the price of fuel and the severe drought.

In addition, prawns are being sold at Rs 1,600 per kg, squid at Rs 1,800 per kg and prices range from Rs 600 to 1,900. 

Areas such as Maruthamunai, Narpitimunai, Pandiruppu, Kalmunai, Sainthamaruthu are experiencing a sharp decline in fish stocks at fish markets. It is noteworthy that fish is being sold in the above markets at a three-fold increase in prices than sold in the riverine areas. There is also growing demand for dry fish in the region.

By Farook Sheehan