An Amazing Moment


Tom and Laila both are my siblings. Yeah, I’m the eldest. Anyway I’m Peter. I’m the one who take cares of my both siblings today. Because today our mom will go to the town to buy some goods. Then we’ll be home alone. So I planned to watch a movie with Tom and Laila. So we prepared some popcorns and chips. ‘’Well, it’s the time….’’ I smiled to myself.

I heard mom leaving. So after mom went I closed all the doors and windows. Because we live in a house where in a middle of jungle. So there can be danger anytime. So mom told us to lock the doors. Once mom left home we went to the sofa and we started to watch movie. It was a horror one. I enjoyed the movie except my crazy siblings.

They were already covered up with blanket. After a little time I realised my popcorn was over. So I went to the kitchen to bring some. I saw the back door was open. ‘’Oh shit, how can I be this stupid. I forgot to close this.’’ I tease myself.

Quickly I closed the door and went back to the movie again. I saw Tom and Laila were sleeping. So I sent them back to their room and I continued the movie. After a little while I heard a big sound. I shocked. Soon I ran to see Tom and Laila. They’re sleeping tightly. I locked their room from outside. And I went upstairs to see what happened. My mom’s favourite flower pot had fallen down. ‘’What happened? ‘’ I whispered. “Hello! Who is there?” I shouted a little bit. But no one  answered. So I went to mom’s room. It was nothing, i realised.

But suddenly outside of the balcony I saw a big tiger staring at me. ‘’Oh my god, how did it come here?’’ The tiger keeps a step front. ‘’I want to get out from here soon.’’ So I ran to the guests room. And I realised that the tiger was also chasing me. Soon I locked the door. But tiger keeps trying to break the door. ‘’What should I do?’’ I thought. There was a big chimney in the room. ‘’No time to think. I want to get out of here.’’ So I pulled the table near the chimney and I climbed up to the chimney. As soon I heard a big thud. Tiger entered the room. ‘’Thank god.’’

Soon I climbed up to the roof. ‘’Oh, Tom and Laila are inside the house. I forgot them. But it’s ok I locked their room so tiger can’t hurt them. Now I have to call mom soon.’’ So I took my phone out and called mom soon and I explained all the things happened here. After a while she came with forest officers. ‘’Hey mom, I’m here. See here I’m on the roof.’’ I shouted. Mom saw me. She was very happy to see me without any harm. ‘’Peter, where is Tom and Laila, where are they?’’ Mom asked. ‘’Don’t worry mom, they’re locked up in their room. I’m sure they’re safe.’’ I screamed. ‘’Ok. Stay there we’ll take them back.’’

After a sometime officers caught the tiger. They locked it in the cage and drive to the zoo. Before they leave we thanked them so much. ‘’Hey mom! what happened here?’’ Tom asked. Mom smiled ‘’Nothing dear, we’re all safe now.’’ Mom hugged three of us. I was really happy to see that Tom and Laila didn’t get any hurt. And this was an amazing moment for me.

By Ramla Firoz