Indian charities send aid to Sri Lanka


Three Containers of essential items are being shipped to Sri Lanka with the assistance of the Rotary Club of Madras North and the Amma Charitable Trust, Guntur. Sri Lanka’s Deputy High Commission in Chennai is coordinated to load three shipping containers from Chennai to Sri Lanka as part of humanitarian assistance on 7 June.

In the event ‘Support Sri Lanka’ held at the Chancery Premises on 27 May, Dr. D. Venkaeshwaran, the Deputy High Commissioner, requested Sri Lankan well-wishers to assist the country in this critical juncture.

Accordingly, Amma Charitable Trust of Guntur, a non- profit organisation, stepped forward to donate 100 MT of rice and Rotary Club of Madras North donated four shipping containers of other essential items such as rice, dhal, wheat flour, sugar and milk powder.

Today, three containers, including 50 MT of rice, were loaded and are scheduled to arrive in Sri Lanka before next Monday (13) while the rest is to be delivered within the next two weeks. They will be handed over to the Food Commissioner, to be distributed to needed families.

The Deputy High Commission conveyed thanks to the Amma Charitable Trust of Guntur, members and affiliated entities of Rotary Club of Madras North for the kind donations from private institutions for handling the shipment free- of-charge.