Continue wearing face masks – AMS


The Association of Medical Specialists (AMS) expressed concern over the Health Ministry’s “sudden” decision to lift Sri Lanka’s facemask mandate.

The Association said the aforementioned announcement failed to specify whether it is necessary for healthcare workers and for the public to wear masks in hospital settings.

In view of the severe shortage of medicines and other healthcare-related materials in the country due to prevailing economic crisis, the AMS said that respiratory infections and those transmitted through this route are amongst the most common and treatment of increased numbers will add to the economic burden.

“Hence, this announcement against mask wearing seems inappropriate and premature,” they said in a statement.

The AMS adviced the public to continue their healthy practice of wearing masks, especially during indoor gatherings.

“We also urge the health authorities to maintain the practice of wearing masks in all health care institutions to avoid vulnerable populations like the elderly and immunocompromised getting sick with unwanted respiratory infections,” they stressed, adding that despite being a small gesture, wearing masks has shown tremendous health benefits both in Sri Lanka and other countries.