Paddy fetch high price in Welioya


Paddy prices in the farming communities of Medabedda and Welioya have raised prices from Rs 120 to Rs 200, as stocks of paddy are purchased at higher prices by outsiders.

Welioya farmers claim that by 7 June, a group of wealthy Colombo residents and others had arrived in vehicles to purchase paddy stocks. According to paddy farmers, for the first time, paddy was fetching a higher price.

In this scenario, farmers have increased the price of paddy stocks, thus depriving  rice mill owners of purchasing paddy, a spokesman said.

However, consumers are sceptical that fraudulent traders and rice mill owners have been concealing stocks of rice and paddy by claiming that it was to be over-priced. A rice shortage has resulted from a decrease in paddy harvest, due to the ban on chemical fertiliser, the spokesman added.

BY L. Niroshana