SLAF contributes to food security


Considering the acute food shortage expected in the near future, as a result of the economic crisis, SLAF has taken collective action to meet the critical requirement and also to ensure the theme of this year’s World Environment Day: ‘Living sustainably in harmony with nature’ under the guidance of Air Force Commander, Air Marshal Sudarshana Pathirana.

SLAF men and women implemented the ‘Waga Sangramaya’ at SLAF establishments affiliated to the SLAF Agriculture Unit, to elevate the National Food Production drive as a matter of urgency, by launching many pragmatic remedies. As part of this project, SLAF has started to cultivate crops, yielding a harvest in a short time span, increasing the amount of arable lands, and preparing new cultivable lands in all SLAF establishments. The World Environment Day is the largest global platform for public outreach and is celebrated by millions of people worldwide on 5 June from 1973.

Communities worldwide use this day to make transformative global changes. With the climate in emergency mode and amid the triple planetary crisis of climate change, nature, and biodiversity loss, pollution and waste, the call for action to protect the planet has now become more important than ever. At this juncture, SLAF has been successful in aerial seed bombing, which began recently. These seed bombing missions are an attempt to contribute to the reforestation efforts of the Government, to increase forest cover, and to produce a cleaner and greener Sri Lanka.