Land around Peliyagoda fish market to be acquired


Fisheries Minister Douglas Devananda has directed Ministry Secretary Indu Ratnayake and other officials to take steps to acquire vacant lands surrounding the Peliyagoda Fish Market Complex for use in its operations.

This follows Minister Devananda’s recent visit to the Peliyagoda Fish Market to inspect operations and inquire about shortcomings.

Devananda told officials that issues faced by stall holders should be resolved as soon as possible.

He held discussions with representatives of fish traders’ trade unions in connection with day-to-day activities while looking as to why retail fish were not functioning.

Because retail vendors who had purchased stalls at the Complex on a rental basis were not using them, Minister Devananda advised officials to use the stalls for wholesale trade.

As a result, there is the possibility of converting 128 retail fish stalls into wholesale stalls. Further, Devananda instructed the management that at a time when prices of other commodities were skyrocketing, the price of ice should not be raised, despite the critical situation face.

Devananda also instructed officials to look into this matter on a regular basis. In addition, he  instructed National Aquatic Resources Research and Development Agency officials to appoint an inspection team to look into the quality of fish being sold at the Complex and requested a weekly report from Public Health Inspectors in the region as to the hygienic conditions of the Complex. Another issue he looked into was theft, where he instructed the OIC of the Peliyagoda Police to thwart thefts at the Complex. 

He told officials to complete development work as soon as possible and to set up a solar power system for electricity supply for the Complex.

By Naalir Jamaldeen