Govt encourages overseas placements for public servants


A Circular will be issued shortly to provide foreign employment opportunities to public sector employees as a solution to the country’s forex crisis.

Co-Cabinet spokesman Manusha Nanayakkara said, the matter was discussed at length at the Cabinet meeting of 6 June. Nanayakkara noted that the Ministries of Health and Public Administration are in the process of formulating the necessary regulation and to issue a Circular, citing that when public servants go abroad for employment, their seniority and pension would not be affected.

In the weekly Cabinet media briefing yesterday (7) he said, the Government is taking steps to provide foreign employment opportunities to public sector employees to boost foreign remittances.

Of late, special attention has been paid to removing the existing barriers for public sector employees recruited under the Multipurpose Scheme and who are seeking foreign employment.

According to Nanayakkara, the opportunity should be made available for foreign employment in a manner that it does not jeopardise their seniority.

The Minister stated that they could be encouraged to channel foreign remittances through vehicle import licences, housing loans, and schooling facilities. The Minister also stated that emphasis should be placed on securing overseas job opportunities through the intervention of embassies.

BY Thameenah Razeek