CTSU submits proposals to Education Ministry


The Ceylon Teachers’ Service Union (CTSU) handed over a series of proposals to the Education Ministry to keep schools operational amid the present economic crisis.

CTSU General Secretary, Mahinda Jayasinghe said they have proposed to extend normal school hours and to reduce the number of school days as a solution to transportation issues. He also said the present school schedules should be changed and that the number of reporting days for teachers should be limited.

“Considering the present situation, the number of ‘Sisu Seriya’ buses should be increased as a relief to students and teachers, as should the payment of Rs 62 per kilometre. We urged the Education Ministry to facilitate teachers to purchase bicycles and motorcycles. A special arrangement should be made for teachers who travel by three-wheeler,” he added.

He also said the national and provincial public service transfer system, which is over complicated, should be revised. He added that despite submitting these proposals to the Education Ministry on multiple occasions, they are yet to receive solutions.

By Sahan Tennekoon