Children’s park used for Parking


The newly-built children’s park in Potankatuwa, Kanthale has been used for parking vehicles and residents claim that millions of rupees spent on the construction of the said park have gone down the drain as a result of this new development. They complain that there is little or no electricity at the children’s park during the late evenings or night, and tractors are found be parked there after dusk.

They questioned the deafening silence maintained by the officials concerned about the plight of the children’s park.  Efforts to contact the Chairman of the Kanthale PS have proved to be futile but when contacted the Divisional Secretary had stated that the park in question does not come under their purview but that it belongs to the UDA.

A responsible official from the UDA stated that they had already informed the PS concerned to take prompt and remedial decision with regard to the maintenance work of the children’s park following the conclusion of an audit process.

BY W. M. Wickremasinghe- Kanthale