Businessman gets 15 years in jail


Colombo Additional Magistrate Keminda Perera, yesterday (7) sentenced a businessman to 15-years in jail on his pleading guilty to a charge of failing to pay a fine imposed on him by the Sri Lanka Customs.

The convict was identified as Abdul Zahil, a resident of Colombo 14. The Customs had fined him, as per Provisions contained in Section 52 of the Customs Ordinance, with causing a loss of Rs 600,000 to the State, when importing electric torches having submitted bogus documents.

However, due to the failure of the suspect to pay the fine, the Customs had informed the incident to Court, as per Provisions contained in Section 88 of the Customs Ordinance. The Court convicted the suspect and imposed the said sentence on him.  

By Hansi Nanayakkara