Attempt to loot Kachchateevu cannot be condoned –ACWCA


Text and PIC BY T. Pratheepan (Jaffna)

The National Organiser of the All Ceylon Workers’ Communities Alliance (ACWCA), N.V Subramaniam said, they cannot allow the looting of an island such as the Kachchateevu Island since it a major earning point in the country.

He was speaking to the media after the Alliance’s inaugural meeting yesterday (7), where delegates from the North, South East, and Upcountry provinces met with their representatives at the Jaffna Public Library.

Further, he said, while India must intervene in the current economic crisis, the fact that the Tamil Nadu government has been assisting and attempting to reclaim the Kachchateevu Island, as well as giving it priority during his recent meeting with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, has caused anger and dissatisfaction.

”During Modi’s visit to Tamil Nadu (TN), Chief Minister M. K. Stalin has suggested to reclaim Kachchateevu. Stalin is attempting to take undue advantage of a ‘burning house’, which Sri Lanka cannot afford to lose. Such aspirations cannot be condoned, and the TN Chief has definitely made a bad suggestion.” he quipped.

The use of bottom trawling by Indian fishermen has sparked controversy, but Stalin claims that the issue can only be resolved if the island is returned, implying that Indian fishermen can continue to fish freely and exploit our livelihood resources that include destroying our fishing gear.

He claimed that Kachchateevu appears to be a long-standing problem between the two countries; not a problem for fishermen, if resolved amicably.