Medawachchiya Samurdhi Headquarters hands over houses to low income earners


The Medawachchiya Samurdhi Headquarters has taken steps to identify Samurdhi recipients who do not have houses and unable to build due to economic difficulties and built houses for them.

Officer in Charge of the Headquarters H. M. Rahula Herath said houses for nine selected Samurdhi recipient families will be built under the supervision of Medawachchiya Divisional Secretary, M. C. Malawaarachchi.

Herath said the Medawachchiya Divisional Secretariat has 5,542 Samurdhi recipients. “The Department of Samurdhi Development and the Ministry of Housing and Samurdhi are introducing various projects for this group and making arrangements to strengthen the domestic economy. With the country’s current economic situation, those groups have suffered yet another setback. But this year, we are working to make the dream of homeownership a reality for nine families,” he said.

Herath said the headquarters had already done the preliminary work and nine Samurdhi beneficiaries had been selected. Three houses valued at Rs 600,000, another three valued at Rs 200,000 and three more valued at Rs 100,000 will be handed over to Samurdhi recipients.

“I believe I am correct in saying that these houses were the largest number handed over by the  Samurdhi Headquarters of the Medawachchiya DS to date,” he said.

BY Gayan – Medawachchiya