‘Cultivation war’ to get off the ground


Minister of Irrigation Roshan Ranasinghe directed the authorities to reclaim lands given on a 30-year lease to investors and not cultivated for more than five years.

Ranasinghe said the system of cultivating three seasons per year will begin with proper water management.

He was speaking with a group of youth yesterday (6) at the inauguration of the Cultivation War Programme in Dambulla at the Inamaluwa National Youth Services Council (NYSC). Minister also worked with the youth to prepare the land and cultivate crops such as manioc, cowpea, green gram and tomato.

Ranasinghe told the media that some people in society were using social media to turn social unrest into violence, and that violence can never be used to build a country.

“This country is beset by numerous crises. Following Covid-19, there is a global food crisis and an economic crisis. This has had a significant impact on our country, so it is our responsibility to contribute to agriculture and begin a cultivation war. We began that cultivation campaign with the NYSC, setting a precedent for the entire country. By doing so, we set an example for the country’s youth,” he said.

BY Nimal Jayaratne – Manampitiya