Aeroflot release a ‘diplomatic victory’ – Aviation Minister


Minister of Shipping and Aviation Nimal Siripala de Silva said, it was a ‘diplomatic victory’ as the Airport and Aviation Authority and the Civil Aviation Authority of Sri Lanka had taken the necessary steps to release the Russian aircraft yesterday (6).

The Aeroflot aircraft, which had been detained at the BIA, was released, after the Colombo Commercial High Court suspended the detention order following submissions made by the Attorney General.

The Minister said he was pleased that the matter was solved as it was a ‘diplomatic victory’ and as it reconfirmed that Sri Lanka was interested in maintaining the long standing friendship it had with Russia.

He expressed his regret over the inconvenience caused to the passengers and their cargo due to the detention of the airbus last Friday. He further stated that in such a case, he hopes to work out a negotiated situation with the judiciary so that such an issue does not arise in the future.

The Minister also thanked the Attorney General and the Bar Council for their assistance in resolving this issue and expressed his gratitude for resolving the issue in the best possible manner.

By Sulochana Ramiah Mohan