20A a curse to the country – Palani Digambaram


Leader of National Union of Workers and Deputy Leader of Tamil Progressive Alliance (TPA) Parliamentarian P. Digambaram stated that 20th Amendment to the Constitution was a curse and that he would support limiting the President’s power.

“Only if the 21st Amendment is ratified will democracy flourish in our country. For that to happen, everyone must work together. After revoking the 19A and introducing 20A, with enormous power to the President, the country was cursed, and it has left the country in shambles,” he added.

At a press conference in Hatton yesterday (6), the MP stated that the country’s economic problem is now at its peak, and the Rajapaksas are to blame. “The country’s economy has suffered as a result of the Rajapaksa regime’s poor judgments. The gasoline issue has yet to be fixed. The queues are still there even after the new Government was formed,” he said.

He added that the TPA will totally back 21A if it is introduced in Parliament. On the other hand, he pointed out that the 21A remains in the hands of the ruling party, which retains a majority in Parliament.

He further stated that even if the Leader of the Opposition Sajith Premadasa had been appointed the Prime Minister, he would not have accepted any positions since he would only accept the people’s mandate.

Concerning the distribution of food items, the MP stated that there should not be a political drama over distribution of the relief offered by Tamil Nadu, and that it should be delivered properly to the people.

He also suggested that the plantation’s land be distributed to the workers so that they can self-sustain by cultivating food crops. “The barren lands in the plantations should be allocated to our people,” he said, adding that the interim budget should help the people in the upcountry.

By Sulochana Ramiah Mohan