Sajith demands justice for little Ayesha


Opposition Leader Sajith Premadasa demanded justice for Fathima Ayesha, the girl who was murdered in Atulugama, by prosecuting the murderer and implementing the full extent of the law.

He also demanded that those involved in the drug trade be brought to justice and punished. He was speaking to the media after visiting Ayesha’s home. He said that such murders will continue until the threat is eradicated.

He also said many shootings were taking place across the country and the Government must ensure national security in the country.

“A child was senselessly murdered as a result of the drug menace. Witnesses in high-profile cases are also being assassinated. Those involved in the drug trade must be brought to justice and punished to the full extent of the law. Sri Lanka cannot progress in an environment in where the public cannot exercise their right to life,” he added.

Ayesha’s mother, Amir Muttiah Begum said she would continue to be a source of strength to the family.

BY Nabiya Vaffoor