Relations with Russia will deteriorate – Wimal


Leader of the National Freedom Front (NFF) MP Wimal Weerawansa claimed, the Government has already ruined international relations with China and warned that relations with Russia too would deteriorate due to the recent ruling over an aircraft.

He was speaking at a special media briefing of the Independent Parliamentarians’ Forum held at the Communist Party headquarters in Borella yesterday (5).

“It seems that the Legislature, the Executive and the Judiciary in this country today are working collectively to turn the current economic disaster into a major humanitarian disaster,” he alleged.

He pointed out that China and Russia have historically been sincere friends who supported Sri Lanka not only in economic crisis but also in any international crisis.

He said to allow this crisis to escalate is to create a great human catastrophe in this country.

 “Some predicted that when Ranil Wickremesinghe was given the post of Premier countries would come in line and help us. However, we do not see such a situation today” he claimed. “Shouldn’t the Court consider the prejudice that such a decision would have on the tourism industry and the tea trade in Sri Lanka? We have a serious suspicion that taking such action, knowingly or unknowingly, by individual authorities of the State of Sri Lanka, would allow the economic disaster in Sri Lanka to escalate into a major humanitarian catastrophe,” he said.

BY Aloka Kasturiarachchi