Plans underway to re-plant: Paddy fields in Galle District inundated


The Galle District Office of the Department of Agriculture said a number of paddy fields have been damaged as a result of the recent bad weather in the Galle District.

This season, approximately 32 per cent of the land in the Galle District was cultivated. Many paddy fields have been inundated as a result of several days of flooding, according to Agriculture Research officials.

As a result, many seedlings in the fields have been destroyed. In the Galle District, paddy fields on both sides of Nagoda, Welivitiya Divithura, Bope Poddala, and Baddegama Gin Ganga, as well as canals, have been inundated.

According to the Galle District Office of the Department of Agriculture, a programme to replant the destroyed paddy fields will be carried out soon in consultation with the farmers.

BY Anura Priyantha – Habaraduwa