Diesel distribution restricted


Due to limited stocks, diesel will be distributed only to selected filling stations based on a priority list, Co-Secretary of the Petroleum Distributors’ Association Kapila Naotunna said.

He also said, daily diesel distribution has been reduced to approximately 2,500 MT.

He noted that the Ceylon Petroleum Corporation (CPC) is said to have a reserve of about 40,000 MT of diesel and while another consignment of diesel has been ordered, the suppliers have not yet confirmed the supply of that consignment.

As a result, the arrival of the ship carrying diesel, which was scheduled to arrive in the island on the 9 or 10 June, is in doubt.

Meanwhile, Ceylon Petroleum Private Bowser Owners’ Association Joint Secretary Shantha de Silva said that normally, about 250 fuel bowsers report to work, but that in recent days, only about 100 bowsers reported to work because not every bowser receives fuel orders.

BY Thameenah Razeek