Dengue on the rise in Biyagama – MOH Officer


Dengue is rapidly spreading in the Biyagama MOH area with 60-infected patients and one death reported in the last two weeks, according to Biyagama Medical Officer of Health, Prasanna Wijayatilake.

The Makola area in Biyagama reported the first dengue death in the Gampaha District this year. Dr. Wijayatilake said rain water retention in low-lying areas of the Kelani river and the release of Rambutan,  Durian and Mangosteen skins into the environment was also a reason as the skins aid water retention allowing the mosquito larvae to thrive. The fruits are endemic to Biyagama and are in season.

Delgoda, Kaduboda, Malwana, Ulahitiwala, Walgama North, Biyagama South and West, Makola, and Siyabalape North, in particular, have been identified as areas with high dengue mosquito densities, with a high number of patients being reported daily. According to Wijayatilake, cleaning activities and public awareness campaigns have been organised. Shramadana campaigns were also being carried out.

He said patients with fever, lasting more than three days should take a blood test on medical advice. Dr. Wijayatilake said it is best to go to a State hospital and that any medicine other than Paracetamol should not be taken without being prescribed. He said local fever remedies like coriander ginger and Venivel Gata could be consumed without a problem.

BY Sudath Pubudu Keerthi (Delgoda) and W. D. M. Withanage (Malwana)