Aeroflot flight leaves Sri Lanka today

By T. K. G. Kapila (Katunayake)


Aeroflot aircraft flight SU-289, which was detained at the Bandaranaike International Airport, will leave for Moscow, Russia this evening (6).

The necessary measures to release the aircraft from detention were taken by the airport Senior Manager-Air Traffic Control Nishan Chandima Abeywardena.

The flight, which was scheduled to depart from the airport on 2 June to Moscow with 191 passengers and 13 crew members, was cancelled due to an Enjoining Order issued by the Commercial High Court of Colombo.

However, following the Attorney General’s request, Commercial High Court judge Harsha Sethunga today revoked the order considering the inconvenience caused to all passengers by the aircraft’s detention, its impact on Sri Lanka’s tourism industry and the foreign exchange crisis, and the problematic legal background of the issue.