Aeroflot aircraft case to be taken up in open court


The Attorney General has filed a motion before the Colombo Commercial High Court requesting for the Aeroflot aircraft case to be taken up in open court on Wednesday (08).

The motion was filed considering the inconvenience caused to all passengers by the aircraft’s detention, the impact on Sri Lanka’s tourism industry and the foreign exchange crisis, and the problematic legal background of the issue.

The flight, which was scheduled to depart from Bandaranaike International Airport on 2 June to Moscow with 191 passengers and 13 crew members, was cancelled due to an Enjoining Order issued by the Commercial High Court of Colombo, according to a statement from the Airport and Aviation Services.

Subsequently, Russia’s Aeroflot suspended its commercial flights to Colombo. “Aeroflot is suspending commercial flights to Colombo for the immediate period due to an unreliable situation in terms of the airline’s unobstructed flights to Sri Lanka. The sales of tickets for flights to Colombo have been temporarily shut down,” the statement noted.

Source: Mawbima