A little genius!


Two- and-a-half-year-old, Minhadh Lami has set a Guinness World Record by telling the names of capital cities in 120 countries in two minutes.

Guinness World Records officers who examined the girl from various perspectives, awarded Lami a medal and a certificate in recognition of her ability adding her name to the list of world achievers. Lami was born on 10 June 2019.

“After identifying my daughter’s inborn talent, I taught her colours, names of fruit, numbers, shapes and countries and their capitals in a way that my child could understand. I spent time with my daughter teaching her these skills. My daughter has turned out to be a world achiever,” Lami’s father, Akmal, said.

“My daughter usually remembered everything we taught her. She was curious about the names of places and countries and has a talent to tell stories about places, things, or whatever it is. She knows the meaning of 300 Tamil words in English. She can repeat 247 letters in Tamil at speed. She can give answers to 100 Islamic questions and has been memorizing several Suras (chapters) of the Quran. Lami could even tell the names of months and dates accurately and body parts in order,” Akmal said.

(PIC BY Farook Shihan)

BY Naalir Jamaldeen