Hi! I’m Timminton, just call me Tim for short. Well I’m a shadow, a human shadow. At least until I escaped my human Rupert. Rupert was this fat kid, he had a piggy face and sunken eyes. Some tell I’m like him, but I don’t think so (I look much better!). Now I’m free. Let me tell you how I became free.

I was just sitting on my favourite box in the attic when Rupert and I heard a shout from his French teacher Gabby. She was not the sort you would want to disobey. She was tall and skinny. She had a crooked nose and at the edge of it her half moon spectacles were balanced.

‘Roopert! Get down here!’ Madame Gabby shouted.

Rupert went down the steps of the attic when something caught his eye. I was urging him to go as I kind of liked French. But that’s when he found a box full of potions. They were glistening in the light coming from a window on the far corner of the attic. He stepped closer dragging me along and there it was a jar full of glorious orange. Rupert reached out and then I saw the label.

‘Free your dear shadows!’ it read.

 Shadows who were stuck with some boring person their whole life, someone like me. Humans are so stupid that they don’t read the labels! So Rupert had no idea what it was. The only way to free me was for Rupert to drink it. I thought it would be pretty difficult, but I should have known that Rupert was too greedy.

‘Orange juice!’ he said and in one gulp it was gone. I watched him bemused at what was happening. His face stretched out and his sunken eyes popped out. He turned orange and he started pouring smoke out of his nose, mouth and ears. I started feeling lighter and less rigid, then I realised I could move my body without Rupert doing anything.

‘I’m free!’ was the first thought that could come to my mind. Then I ran out of the room to free my mom. Then my dad then all the other shadows in the world. Some of them were already free, they caused darkness before.

Well a few years have passed and most of the shadows are free. Yes in the day time we go to our humans (for their sake!) and at night we rule. That’s what causes darkness. I’ve been thinking of my life, now that I’m free. I read this paragraph from a book.

Well then I’ve been thinking that I’m immortal. Pretty great, huh? Well we’ll come to that point later. Anyway I’ve been learning French, music and I play badminton. Now don’t give me that face telling that I can’t hold a badminton racket. I very well can, think about it don’t badminton rackets have shadows?

Now you now the secret about darkness!

By Sahansa Amarasinghe