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With the rise in popularity of men’s fashion, there is an increasing number of stylish males. More and more well-dressed males can be seen, thanks to the growth of the men’s high-end fashion market as well as streetwear popularity.

Indula Jayalath is an Interior Architect designer who runs his interior design firm – Indula Design Studio and creates inspiring designs. His eclectic, colourful work fuses the workmanship of a couturier with energy and practicality in all his designs. He built his work upon the combination of cultures and the endless quest for the exceptional which resulted in his eclectic signature style.

Indula brings a fresh take on the classics and has a great appreciation of antiques and art. As an avid traveller, he would famously search far and wide to find inspiration to complete his maximalist vision. Indula has an affinity for tailored suits, jackets, and vests and is effortlessly chic.

His Instagram feed showcases his casual-chic style, travels, and real-life moments, creating a feed that feels personal.Indula’s uncommon eye for the stylish means his cityscapes and travel shots also give you a daily urge to explore.

Describe your sense of style?

Style is subjective. Design, style and fashion are constantly changing every minute in this modern fast-moving world.  I always follow styles that won’t change and last constantly.

 I prefer timeless pieces when it comes to anything which won’t go out of style today or even after 50 years.  The same thing applies to my design projects too. I always try to create timeless atmospheres.

What does fashion mean to you?

I prefer elegant and classic looks over trends.  It defines and refines who you are as a person. Anyone’s first impression of seeing you is the way you put yourself together and it should define your personal taste without trying too hard.

I always buy what my heart desires rather than replicate someone. Embrace your character and personal taste when it comes to your every sartorial look.  Plus, attention to detail does matter when it comes to any fashion look even the theory applies to my interior projects as well.

We asked Indula what are his top five styling tips for men?

–  Top five styling tips for men would be, that every man should have a well-tailored suit.

–  A well-tailored suit and the right pair of shoes are everything for a man. The perfect pair of shoes will elevate the whole look and will speak about your personality.

–  Grooming and a good haircut are a must for any man. Just make sure what works the best for you. You don’t have to style every look you see, bring different looks, and pick what’s best for you and your face.

–  Picking the right perfume is also a must, I am always obsessed with perfumes since my childhood and Tom Ford and Creed are my favourites on the go.

–  Perfectly tailored trousers and shirts are a must in anyone’s wardrobe. Understand your body type and get the perfect pair of chinos or pants and the shirts. Then you are all set to go.

Pix by Amitha Thennakoon

By Shafiya Nawzer