My Hobby


My hobby is writing stories, I spend my leisure on writing stories. Probably not everyone knows that story telling is a science, not differently than biology or physics.

Storytelling is a very powerful way to improve and enlarge our brains, a good story can impress on our memory and help us never forget the info it conveys and our brains become more active when we tell or even hear a story. Before that the writing became a common system to communicate. All information and learning were spread through storytelling.

Children enjoy a good story, even adults like to hear stories, no matter if it is a novel or movie or a personal story of life. The scientists have been studying this phenomenon: when we hear to a story, our brains are activated and more parts of it start to work in the same time. When we look at a picture or movie only the visual memory and other related sides of our brain come to work, but it’s different when we hear something also the language sides of the brain is activated.

Language processing parts and other areas related to the personal experiences come to be activated. Basically, a story is a connection of cause and consequence and it’s exactly the way the human brains think. Also we can improve our language by writing stories or hearing to a story. I love writing stories and I love my hobby too.

By Rasha Aslam