Joint effort to retrieve assets swindled by politicians


A group of Sri Lankan youth around the world has launched a joint effort to retrieve assets alleged to have been swindled by politicians and deposited abroad.

The group named ‘International Voice of Sri Lankan citizens’  operates as a registered organisation and have focused on seeking the support of global legal firms.

An organiser of the group said a Petition has been submitted by the group to the UNHRC in support of the protests held in Sri Lanka. Foreigners of Sri Lankan origin would also be involved in this effort as they would be of great importance in examining the relevant local laws in the countries that the assets so looted has been deposited.

According to the organiser, the Global Coalition for the Recovery of Stolen Wealth (GFSAR) has received over 43 complaints about similar incidents from Sri Lanka in 2017, but that the then Government did not act with sincere political determination due to which the legal process was not concluded.

He added thereby, in the current effort, attention will be paid to preventing such recurrence while exerting greater influence on a global scale. A global conference on the recovery of plundered wealth was held in the US for the first time in 2017 with the support of the World Bank and the United Nations and public property plundered by those in power including politicians in Nigeria, Tunisia, Ukraine and Sri Lanka were the main topic of discussion.

BY Bingun Menaka Gamage