How to pick the right hairbrush for you


Whether you have curly, wavy or straight hair, your hairbrush can make or break your look. Although most people don’t think too deeply about the type of hairbrush they own, using certain hair brushes on your hair could be detrimental to your hair and even cause split ends or fizziness. Using the right hairbrush is essential to creating the perfect look.

Vented brushes

Is static hair a problem for you? Vented brushes are made with vents between bristles, which push air through your roots when you brush them, making sure that no static or frizziness occurs. Additionally, the air also makes your hair dry up faster too, so if you prefer to brush your hair in the shower this is the brush for you.

Round brushes

The round brush is the ideal tool for creating shape, body and movement in your hair. It can greatly add volume to your hair if used correctly. However, a common mistake is wrapping hair too tightly around the brushes which causes limp ends and fizziness.

Paddle brushes

If silky smooth hair is your style, then the paddle brush is the perfect brush for you. Using a paddle brush before straightening your hair can greatly improve results and help your straight look last longer. If you have thicker or longer hair this is more useful too because the paddle brush is wider and covers more volume.

Boar brushes

Another good option for straight hair is boar brushes. Boar bristles can boost the natural oils in your hair and stimulate the roots, which helps your hair to grow and keep it healthy. This saves you from spending extra money on hair oils as well.

Bristle brushes

If you struggle with tangled or knotted hair, using a synthetic bristle brush can help manage how tangled your hair may be, there is still a brush out there that’s perfect for you! Try a synthetic bristle brush. The synthetic bristles easily go through your hair and leave it looking shiny, soft and tangle-free.

Mixed bristle brush

If you don’t know which brush is best for your hair you can get a mixed bristle hairbrush which is a combination of most bristle types in one. You can get the benefits of the scalp stimulation in boar brushes as well as the detangling uses of synthetic bristles.If you can’t choose whether detangled or sleek hair is more important to you then choose mixed bristles.

Hot airbrushes

A hot air brush is like a hairbrush and a hairdryer in one. You can select hot and cold settings and it comes with a set of attachments to help with styling your hair, whether it be curly or straight. For best results use the hot air brush on damp hair.

Teasing comb

A teasing comb is the ultimate hair styling tool for when you want to dress up. This comb is essential to most updos and can make the process a lot easier, as well as help your updo last longer. If you struggle with volume this can help your look. Additionally, parting your hair with this comb can help you greatly!

 Wide-tooth comb

Especially popular with kinky hair, using this comb in the shower provides minimum hair breakage and won’t disrupt your curl pattern. Using this comb with conditioner can guarantee smooth curls with less frizz and breakage.

Overall, you can invest in a few hairbrushes that are useful to your specific style, because they can help your routine greatly in the long run!

By Ruelle Sittampalam