Clarification on Enjoining Order issued to Aeroflot – Russian Airlines by the Commercial High Court


The Aeroflot – Russian Airlines which was scheduled to depart from Bandaranaike International Airport (BIA) to Russia on Thursday (2) with 191 Passengers and 13 Crew members was restrained in taking off the ground on an Enjoining Order issued by the Commercial High Court of Colombo.

Issuing a statement, the Airport and Aviation Services (Sri Lanka) said the Court, hearing this matter yesterday on motions filed by the airlines and Head of Air Navigation Services of AA Services (2nd Defendant), obtained a clarification on the effect of the said order.

The Learned High Court Judge informed that there was no Enjoining Order and any type of Interim Injunction issued against the 2nd Defendant (AA Services).

Therefore, there was no effective Enjoining Order issued on the 2nd Defendant (AA Services) or State.

It was also noted during the hearing that the dispute between the Aeroflot – Russian Airlines and Celestial Aviation Trading 10 Limited (Plaintiff) was purely of a commercial nature which should be dealt between the said two parties and no involvement of the State was emphasized.

Accordingly, the matter was fixed for objections of the parties and for hearing on 08 June.