21A won’t include provisions requiring referendum – PM


Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe said, the party leaders have agreed to avoid any provision requiring a referendum in terms of the 21st Amendment. He was responding to a query at a forum on the country’s present crisis, held by the Association of Constructive Professionals (ACP) with Rakimu Jayathu Lanka.

Wickremesinghe speaking about the fuel and resource shortages in the country said, he not only has to be the Premier, but also a firefighter with the escalating crisis, looking for at least US$ 40 million daily for fuel shipment payments.

“There are two crises affecting Sri Lanka. Firstly, it is the economic crisis and political crisis. A loss of confidence in our political system is responsible for the dire situation at present. The second crisis is the global impact of the Russia-Ukraine War, and Sri Lanka is only seeing the beginning,” he added. Wickremesinghe said, Sri Lanka didn’t approach the International Monetary Fund (IMF) early enough.

Furthermore, Wickremesinghe said, the food supplies in Sri Lanka will last only until September or October this year, as we don’t have sufficient fertiliser for either the Yala or Maha seasons.

Wickremesinghe assured if the country receives fertiliser for the next Maha Season, it will be self-sufficient by February next year.