Ravindu Wedaarachchi, wife on the run


Police are seeking public assistance to arrest Samagi Jana Balawegaya (SJB) MP Dilip Wedaarachchi’s son, and his son’s wife, who were recently seen in a heated clash with the Police.

Warning that harbouring wanted suspects is a crime, Police urged the public to come forward with any information they may have on the couple via hotlines; 071- 8591493 or 047-2246226.

Former Tangalle Mayor, Ravindu Wedaarachchi and his wife Nethmi Silva were seen in an altercation with the Police at the Bedigama Interchange on the Southern Expressway, after they were refused entry. Police prevented the couple from entering the expressway on the grounds that they were transporting a refrigerator loaded dangerously on their pickup truck.

The couple had verbally abused the officer, as evidenced on the video recently circulated across several media platforms.

The Police Officer later filed a complaint with the Weeraketiya Police, while Ravindu Wedaarachchi took to his official Facebook claiming that the officer had initiated the incident by grabbing his shirt.

Sri Lanka Police noted, however, that investigations revealed the couple had obstructed the duties of the officer, and are currently in hiding.

By Rebecca Pavey