O/L, A/L exams to be re-scheduled


The Ministry of Education has begun preliminary discussions to move the GCE Advanced Level Examination 2022 from August to October and November.

As a result, the GCE Ordinary Level Examination will be moved to February or March next year.

Minister of Education, Susil Premajayantha said, the Grade 5 Scholarship Examination will also be postponed, and academic activities in schools are expected to continue until the 22 or 23 December this year to make up for lessons missed due to school closure.

“Discussions will be held with relevant education officials on completing the 2022 curriculum in schools before the next school year begins. Estimates have been made to print new textbooks, provide uniform material and acquiring printing paper and other required equipment for the Ministry,” he said.

Premajayantha said, a survey is being conducted to determine how much of the syllabus assigned to a Grade has been covered and that a preliminary decision has been taken to schedule the A/L examination in October. In addition, he said he met trade unions in the educational sector to work collaboratively for the benefit of students. Premajayantha also said the budget and fund allocation for the education sector and schools will remain unchanged.

“However, with rising prices for goods and services, there is a need to request additional funds from the Treasury. In addition to the budget allocation, I have asked the Asian Development Bank and the World Bank to assist Sri Lankan education,” he said.

BY Thameenah Razeek