‘Everyone for Everyone’ to address health-care issues


Given the country’s economic crisis, the Kalmunai Regional Director of Health Services has launched several schemes under the theme ‘Everyone for Everyone’ to address health-care issues without relying on government funds. Dr. I. L. M. Rifas, Regional Director of Health Services in Kalmunai, has devised a number of low-cost programmes that make the best use of the region’s resources.

Under the scheme, a full survey of the Medical Institution will be  carried out by his Medical Personnel in the region to identify needs of the Hospitals while underutilised resources in certain hospitals would be taken and  passed onto medical institutions in need.

Dr. Rifas told our correspondent that a special scheme titled ‘Resource mapping’ would identify the need of vehicles, drugs, medical equipment and human resources in the medical Institutions that need them. Meanwhile, it has been observed that some hospitals had not utilised some resources given to them, such resources like beds, benches and equipment  would be handed over to needy institutions and hospitals.

Meanwhile, he also held discussions with the Governor of the East Anuradah Yahampath to find out ways and means to improve the Ayurveda Sectors. He told the Governor that we can plant all the herbal plants in our lands that are required to the Department of Ayurveda. As we possess all natural resources including fertile lands we could produce all the required herbal plants successfully, he said. RDHS Dr. Rifas said at a time when Government is running at a loss and people are facing a hard time to lead their life programs of this nature would definitely find solutions to their burning problems, he pointed out to the Governor.

Dr. Rifas said, the Governor Anuradha who welcomed all his proposals told him that soon she would pay a visit to Kalmunai Region and see the feasibility of the project and work on it,  She also told RDHS that she would send a proposal to President to take immediate actions on this to implement the project.

BY M.A.P.Deen – Ampara