E-wis issues clarification on SPC charges


Confusions have been sparked as to who gulped Rs 421 million of public money following contradictory statements made by State Pharmaceuticals Corporation (SPC) and a private software company EWIS Sri Lanka with regard to a staggering sum of money spent for creating inventory management software for the SPC.

While the SPC claimed at Committee on Public Enterprises (COPE) that Rs. 644 million was paid to EWIS Sri Lanka for the software, the company said only Rs. 83 million was spent on the software and the cost for the total project was Rs. 223 million.

The company Chairperson Sanjeewa Wickramanayaka also denied allegations made by the SPC representative claiming that the institution makes a monthly payment of Rs. 5 million as maintenance even though the software does not work as intended.

“If this system is not working properly as the SPC claimed at COPE, how they placed orders through this system? Some Rs. 4.9 million was due after the warranty was over. The warranty was over on October 23, 2020. From November they paid us 4.9 million, not from 2015,” Wickramanayaka said.

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