CwC interfering with programme – GN Association


The national organiser of the Sri Lanka Grama Niladhari Association, Nevil Wijeratne said they have decided to withdraw from distributing aid provided by the Government of India claiming that the Ceylon Workers’ Congress (CWC) interferes with the programme.

He also urged that the aid not be given to those chosen by the CWC’s general secretary, Thondaman, but rather to those who are truly impoverished.

Wijerathne expressed these concerns during a press briefing.

He also said that because everyone is in need right now, it is difficult to choose who to help, adding that, there is no racism or religious deference for the hungry.

He warned that Ceylon Administrative Service, Lanka Grama Niladhari Association and Association of Divisional Secretaries have decided not to connect with any programmes conducted by politicians.

By K.L. Suraweera – Kandy